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The broad research area of the group is  theoretical physical chemistry/biophysics. The current research areas are discussed below. The group has always attempted to work in close collaboration with experimental groups, both in India and abroad.

The main research tools employed are the analytical methods of time dependent statistical  mechanics (both classical and quantum mechanical) and computer simulations.

The mission of the group is to farther our understanding of the dynamics of physical, chemical and biological processes by using comprehensive models which are easily tractable. Thus, we spend considerable time and effort in building such models.

Coupling between orientational and translational order

Hydration layer

Protein folding and orientation-dependent potential of mean force

Protein folding and PMF

Resonance energy transfer

Dye nanoparticle interaction

Vibrational phase relaxation

Raman linewidth along phase transition

Nucleation and growth

Snaps at nucleation barrier-top with increasing supersaturation

Supercooled Polydisperse Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures

Binary mixture

Modern theory of electrochemistry

Electrochemistry in clay

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